Automated Notification System

The Hampshire Regional School Districts utilize SwiftK12 technology for our automated notification system. If you missed a notification, simply dial the number below for your respective school - or the District office - to retrieve the message.

From: District Office Caller ID: HAMPSHIRE Hotline Number: 413-341-1800

From: Anne T. Dunphy Caller ID: WILLIAMSBURG Hotline Number: 413-341-2217

From: Hampshire Regional High School Caller ID: HAMPSH HIGH Hotline Number: 413-341-5190

From: New Hingham Regional Elementary School Caller ID: NEWHINGHAM Hotline Number: 413-341-5189

From: Westhampton Elementary School Caller ID: WESTHAMPTON Hotline Number: 413-341-2216

From: William E Norris School Caller ID: WILL NORRIS Hotline Number: 413-341-2215

If you need further assistance or have questions about our automated notification system, please email